Monday, April 6, 2015

Poem a day 2015: 6

Almost Here

Can you feel it? How everything right now
trembles on the lip of something big?
Some epiphany? Some sudden surprise?

I shiver from the inside out. The air is
thick with this anticipation, stagnant, as we
hold a thousand thousand breaths.

Inside our stale houses, we wait and
tremble, looking out our dusty windows,
standing alone in our bodies, as if it might

saunter up the street at any moment,
kick the mud off its boots and ring the bell,
grinning at us with big yellow teeth.

1 comment:

vstefani said...

Your third stanza - wow! - "Looking out our dusty windows / standing alone in our bodies" - bone chilling indeed, because it's so instantly familiar - good stuff!