Friday, April 17, 2015

Poem a day 2105: 17

I Can’t Write a Proper Poem Today Because

my skull is shrinking
the dog is barking
someone somewhere is cutting down a tree
my muscles hurt
my knees feel unhinged
my boobs are flashing with strange electricity
people keep sending me emails
about meetings and
giving me new homework assignments
i think the washing machine just shut off
which means I have to figure out
how to pull myself
off this sofa
drag myself down into the basement
and load the dryer
I left my cold meds at school
when I cough it feels as if I might yak out a lung
I have a ton of grading yet to do
there’s a headache in my neck
the dog won’t settle
my feet are cold
i might be disintegrating
and atom after atom

rejoining the universe

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