Monday, April 27, 2015

Poem a day 2015: 27


All those lives pressing up
against me in the market place,
unknown faces and bodies hiding
a thousand thousand stories
I will never know, some of them
dark with molasses hate

The roads unwinding in front of me
path after path leading
perhaps in the wrong direction
where hearts beat into dead ends
that fist them into submission

The crash of thunder rocking
the handles on the dresser
shivering the wood beneath our bed
and the crack of lightening
splitting the night wide

That cancer will worm its way
into someone I love and blossom
and blossom and blossom

Fiery car accidents
in the middle of nowhere
The dog loose and running toward traffic
Floods in the basement
Zombie apocalypse
Meteor invasion
Any sort of war on home soil
Memory loss and mental illness
Dying alone and unloved

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