Saturday, April 4, 2015

Poem a day 2015: 4

Dying Body

It’s becoming more and more difficult
to navigate -- overnight, the streets
change names, switch north with south,
dead end in sudden rivers or stone walls.

Personalities, likewise, slip sideways:
the gentle man you married 20 years ago
develops a seething temper, boiling
under the surface like a hot spring,

and your own (once legendary)
sneaks off to leave you
muddled and slap-happy, sipping
herbal teas by the kitchen window.

Gray skies now and always, no sun
to light the way, no stars to pinpoint
the direction out. And the bedsheets,
too, strap you down, twist you

into sweaty knots, straitjackets
of hot, violent dreams: car crashes,
houses burning around you,
exitless mazes to trap you in your


Liz Tiernan said...

Just discovered its that time of the year again...your wonderful , thought provoking poems each day. Looking forward to all of them!
auntie Liz

vstefani said...

"and your own (once legendary)" Brava!