Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Poem a Day: 20

What's the Use of Dreams?

S asks that in her journal,
about the number of people

she's met already,
at 21, who have given
up on them,

or who can't meet them,
who sit in bars crying to strangers
and into their expensive beers

about the loss of them

and she makes me think
about the nature
of dreams,

how we chase them,
how we most of the time
can't even see them

(they blur and stretch,
slip and jiggle,

lie to us or
make us lie to ourselves,
dress themselves

in the fashion
of the masses, hiding
their perversity),

and how sometimes they turn
into nightmares
so we can't even

run from them
because the ground turns
to quicksand

and the faceless monster,
the dream that pursues us,
carries a gun

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