Monday, April 29, 2013

A Prose Poem by Francis Ponge: "The Pleasures of the Door"

The Pleasures of the Door
Francis Ponge (translated by C.K. Williams)
Kings never touch doors.
They’re not familiar with this happiness: to push, gently or roughly before you one of these great friendly panels, to turn towards it to put it back in place — to hold a door in your arms.
The happiness of seizing one of these tall barriers to a room by the porcelain knob of its belly; this quick hand-to-hand, during which your progress slows for a moment, your eye opens up and your whole body adapts to its new apartment.
With a friendly hand you hold on a bit longer, before firmly pushing it back and shutting yourself in — of which you are agreeably assured by the click of the powerful, well-oiled latch.

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