Friday, November 2, 2012

There's no story in nice.

I'm on day 2 of Nanowrimo, my second attempt to write over 50,000 words in a month.

I found this "widget" on the Nanowrimo site and I don't know how to embed it into a page... I suspect that I will actually have to create my own webpage, and since I don't know quite how to do that, especially on Facebook, and since I suspect that playing with widgets constitutes a crazy time wasting strategy akin to suddenly feeling and acting upon the desire to rearrange all the furniture (and deep clean at the same time), I'm going to avoid that pressure.

Instead, I'll use this forum to post my after-writing buzz and my ongoing word count.

In the 3 (?) years that I've been absent from Mac Attack, they've totally revamped the way that this composer looks, by the way.  The last entries I made were about stuff I was reading years ago.  It's like finding a time capsule to read old blog entries.  Is that why we write them?

My novel doesn't have a title, other than Something About Ghosts, and it features Shannon Stark (before you say anything, just know that Shannon is a badass Harley riding English major turned into freelance journalist who doesn't appreciate Ironman jokes), a woman who spends 3 months and 1 day in a coma and then wakes up with the surprising and mind blowing (ha) ability to see and converse with the dead. With ghosts.  They have something important to warn her about (aside from their perpetual focus upon their own tangled issues) that they can't speak about directly.  Somehow, the rules of communication in ghostland follow the rules of communication in dreamland -- everything has to be approached sideways, backwards and upside down, in a strange unconscious code.

I gave Shannon a sassy gay brother, a bitchy socialite mother, and a stern, distant neurosurgeon father.  I also gave her a dead fiancee.  Do you think that I'll allow her to talk with her dead fiancee, seeing as she can communicate with the dead?  Of course not. That would be too nice.

And authors are not allowed to be nice.



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