Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holidays are the exact wrong time to

try to jump start the writing routine. I'm lucky if I get out of bed in time to get Lizzie to school.

Today, instead of writing, I:

  • worked out (weight lifting, beginner routine, as prescribed by a book checked out of the library and due back Dec 27)
  • watched 3 episodes of BBC show Coupling (like Friends mixed with Sex and the City, with stupid laugh track added; without the laugh track, I'd give it 4.5 stars out of 5)
  • tried to wash the Netflix DVD because episode 3, "The Inferno" (as in "Lesbian Spank Inferno"), gargled
  • showered
  • blow dried hair
  • languished in the bedroom applying make up
  • went to Wal Mart to buy cookie items, as well as more holiday presents that will be impossible to transport in suitcases...
  • made cookies
  • listened to 2.5 tapes of the Umberto Eco The Name of the Rose saga with one ear
  • fixed last two batches of chocolate chip cookies after first two batches came out puddly
  • watched Lizzie run into the house ("Bathroom!"), out of the house ("I'm going across the street!"), and into the house (click--blare of TV)
  • tidied the kitchen
  • washed dishes
  • watched Lizzie run out of the house ("I'm going to roller blade!"), into the house ("I'm going back across the street, but I'm not gonna roller blade!"), out of the house ("Bye! I'll be across the street!"), into the house ("I'm gonna roller blade and then I'm going back across the street. I just came to get my helmet and stuff"), and back out again (slam).
Now I'm writing this. Does this count?

I'm in the midst of a debate with myself. Should I take my laptop on the vacation, Dec 23-31, as we travel to Boston and then Philadelphia, rent two cars, and a hotel room in Northborough, so that I can continue this obsessive writing?

Or should I just take a week off?

Right now, I'm leaning toward the week off. It would make the most sense. I can read, hang out with relatives, not talk about writing, not get all bummed out about politics and academia and not writing (not writing my own stuff, as opposed to this--but wait, this is my own writing, damnit... oh, and now I'm using the ..., which I always tell students to avoid, since it's like falling into the non terminal into infinity echo chamber from Hell).

Week off it is then.


Anonymous said...

Look, yo, rule number one about starting a writing routine is don't try to start one when you're supposed to be having fun with your family on vacation. That is way too much pressure. You will neither write or have fun. Instead, you will obsess over not writing and you will be mean to your family if they question your obsession over not writing. Start a writing routine with two days a week. Two days a week, I will write in the mornings for forty-five minutes. Happy Xmas, yo, it's a great time of the year if you don't obsess over what you are not doing, because, odds are, you are NOT doing something all day long, but your are doing something, just not the something thing. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you want to take a holiday from writing, a holiday it is, then. And who says that your blogging isn't writing? Memoirs written by smart, funny, slightly cranky women are all the rage in creative non-fiction right now. Look at Laurie Notaro and Susan Jane Gilman--heck, even Nora Ephron's new book could have started life as a blog. It's the Era of the Angry Young Woman, so revel in your creative outlets, whatever they are!!